Level up your data analysis

Run SQL and data science functions on your Excel, CSV, and JSON data in seconds using NStack's web interface.

1 Billion+ DATAPOINTS processed for COMPANIES such as

Why NStack?


Choose from an open library of data science functions contributed by NStack's community


Import your datasets into a web interface and start running data science functions immediately


From churn prediction to attribution and data exploration, run functions on 1m+ rows of data in seconds

Supercharge your datasets

Turn your CSV, JSON, or Excel files into documented datasets which you can share with your team. Transform in the browser with SQL or Python snippets, or explore the data in the browser.

Open Data Science Functions

A library of open source data functions, from data exploration and wrangling to predictive and machine learning models, which you can apply to your datasets.

Tabular Data + SQL and Python

Got coding chops (or work with someone who does)? Deploy custom Python or SQL snippets as reusable serverless functions which you can run and share inside your team.

What is NStack used for?


Use data from purchases, subscriptions, and product usage to score customers and uncover risk factors.


Use marketing and conversion data to statistically assign value to  channels using NStack's attribution functions.


Quickly find correlations, similar and statistically significant columns, anomalous rows and more.

NStack made data science simple and transparent for us. We now answer questions from our data which were impossible before without bringing in consultants.
Thomas Uriot, Data Analyst

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