Integrate data science into
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Integrate data science models in minutes to turn your data into real world predictions

1 Billion+ events processed for great customers such as

Why NStack?

NStack makes it simple for teams to use powerful predictive data science models to drive value.


An extensive library of reusable, powerful data science modules and a platform which validates results and scales in the cloud.


Quickly test and adopt data science without specialised teams, expensive consultants, or engineering backlog.


Ensures data science drives actual value with minimal resource, by sitting on top of existing data sources and internal tools.

Data Science Model Library

A rich, open library of data science models and processing steps, optimised and configured for commercial use-cases.

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Data Science Automation

Integrate data science into the heart of your business: use workflows to connect models to data warehouses, CRMs, and marketing platforms.

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Where can NStack help?


Use data from purchases, subscriptions, and usage to score customers and uncover risk indicators per customer.


Use marketing and conversion data to statistically assign value to marketing channels, so marketers can assign spend accurately.


Use web and transactional data to recommend products, find similar products, and rank products on propensity for purchase.

NStack lets us automatically score our customers health based on our existing data, so we can send the right offer to the right customer without cannibalising our margin.
SVP Retention Marketing, F250 Retailer

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